Sunday, August 23, 2009


It is apparent that during these tough economical times it is difficult to be happy. For instance, bill collectors are calling and ringing the door bell. It is hard to find happiness and a smile during these times. However, this writer has chosen to share with you today that joy can be found despite these circumstances. Perhaps not in areas that are large, but there are small things that one can find joy. For instance, the lizards on the fence, the birds chirping, the ducks in the lake and even the baby in the store that smiles at you. Let's come together and make a conscious effort to be happy in spite of all that's happening in this upside down world... :)


Thursday, July 2, 2009

What is insanity?

In life we make errors, sometimes large and sometimes small. There are some individuals that has the , the in opportunity to speak with pastors, friends, therapist, mentors or friends. However the insanity portion comes into play when ideas, suggestions and opportunities are presented and we stay in the same place. Someone once said, its doing the same thing getting the same results. Let's commit ourselves to walking away from insanity and into "NEWNESS"..
Newness meaning change in our homes, lives and way of thinking..July is committed to out with the old and in with new-

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Working Themselves Out-

In 2008, things took a nose dive for the worst. The economy started declining, the stock market was wavering. Individuals began loosing homes, banks stopped financing and many were effected by the crashing job market. Women that were normally stay at home Mom's were retuning to work. Children that were being home-schooled were entering public schools. It seemed as though the world was coming to an end at a quick pace. It was only when individuals began to reach out to others that a small turn started taking place. This is when neighbors began carpooling and families started to pray together. In short as a Nation-the main force to assist with positive change is the support that is provided one for the other.
Let's continue to reach out and provide a lending hand to our neighbor-


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Families minimizing cost

In most families there have been a new found struggle with finances. The changes in finances have caused families to eliminate or minimize recreational activities. After a long work and school week, it's important for families to spend time together to have fun. However, in past months, the elimination of recreational activities have become smaller and smaller. Also, the change in finances have caused the eliminations of household extras such as: cell phones, cable,life insurance, internet,Friday night family outings and in some cases play dates for the children. As a mentor, this subject has been the highlight of sessions during this month. Finances have caused some families to believe that their lives have ended. Some families have gained a closer spiritual relationship with their higher power. Other families have minimized their spending pertaining to need verses want. Throughout all of the changes in the government, economics and employment we (human race) have one another. There is not an individual that hasn't been affected by the financial status of the United States through one form or another. The purpose of this message is to encourage the interaction between individuals and families in efforts to support one another through word, thought or deed.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What is history-

History defines each individual in a matter that one becomes aware of there past, present and future. When the word history is researched there are several definitions available: The knowledge of facts and events, a learning or knowing by inquiry, a description or written record. It is factual that some areas in history are for our awareness/knowledge and other areas are to be carried out as tradition.
In the history of the human race individuals have been reluctant to seek guidance, support or encouragement. However in today's society there are high crime rates, high suicide rates, high unemployment rates, high divorce rates and high single parent homes, the need for a mentor is now. Mentors are individuals that listen with a non-judgemental ear, assist with goal setting and to encourage while those goals are being accomplished. Let's work together to change that portion of history that has a negative perception of mentoring and the support in which it provides. The history of mentoring, to be or not to be: That is the question-

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Commitment of Change

During this year everyone should have a commitment: This commitment should be to make changes in or around ones self. These commitments should display ones effort to become more healthy. In efforts to becoming more healthy, one may need regular physicians appointments. Also, one may need to build or seek a supportive network around them. For instance, a mentor,church members, friends or family members. The supportive network should consist of individuals that encourage, support and promote good efforts. The year of 2009 has begun with "change" as the Nation gathers to embrace our new president. Everything that he stands for supports change, in a speech he mentioned that we have to be the change that we would like to see. Therefore let's take this time, this year, this moment to make positive changes in and around our lives.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When the wind blows

There are times in life when burdens get hard to bare. When it seems like the slightest act of the wind blowing knocks you to your knees. Remember that it is alright to reach your hand out to those that are willing to provide a listening ear. It is believed that life is not meant to go through alone. However it's designed for one to struggle while another helps to lift them up. Next, it's designed to reproduce, to establish relationships and to reach out to individuals that need support. So keep in mind that when the wind blows it's not the end of the world. It's just the process of life that we all must go through...