Sunday, March 22, 2009

Families minimizing cost

In most families there have been a new found struggle with finances. The changes in finances have caused families to eliminate or minimize recreational activities. After a long work and school week, it's important for families to spend time together to have fun. However, in past months, the elimination of recreational activities have become smaller and smaller. Also, the change in finances have caused the eliminations of household extras such as: cell phones, cable,life insurance, internet,Friday night family outings and in some cases play dates for the children. As a mentor, this subject has been the highlight of sessions during this month. Finances have caused some families to believe that their lives have ended. Some families have gained a closer spiritual relationship with their higher power. Other families have minimized their spending pertaining to need verses want. Throughout all of the changes in the government, economics and employment we (human race) have one another. There is not an individual that hasn't been affected by the financial status of the United States through one form or another. The purpose of this message is to encourage the interaction between individuals and families in efforts to support one another through word, thought or deed.